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Vintage Gold Nugget & Quartz Watch Fob from Nome Alaska Pre-1900 Rare

Estimated price for orientation: 2 500 $

Category: Vintage Handcrafted Artisan

Brand: "Handmade" Metal: Genuine Alaskan Gold Nugget
Jewelry Type: Gold Nugget & Quartz Watch Fob Material: Rose Gold

This is a very early piece made in Nome, Alaska during the late 1800's, by a local jeweler from a nugget found in Anvil Creek. This is an exceptional quality piece and Gold Rush era gold nugget items are exceptionally hard to find. I have had this piece in my family for many years and it belonged to my Great Great Uncle Thomas Cashel, who was the first elected Mayor of Nome, and was actually responsible for naming "Nome" Nome. The story passed on to me through the family was that there was a map of the area, which had all the claims named, and an area which seemed to be the central habited area of the town that "No Name" was written. When the map was folded, the "No" from No and the "Me" from Name, were brought together and the name "Nome" was incorporated. I believe the area was previously known as "Anvil Creek" before 1899. This piece was made before 1899 by a master craftsman and jeweler in the Nome area. My Great Uncle was friends with Wyatt Earpe while he was in Nome and this fob was more than likely seen by Earpe and may have even been touched by Earpe. That is just a hypothosis, but the 2 were friends and gambled together. My Great Great Uncle was actually removed from office for embezzling funds from the City. Anyways, the Fob weights a hefty 18 grams, and the gold has been tested at a high carat. Please don't purchase this to scrap the piece, because the historical aspect of this fob exceeds the value of the gold. Again, Gold Rush era items of this quality seldom come up for sale and this piece will certainly go up in value throughout the years. Please check out my other great items and good luck. Thanks